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What Our Clients are Saying About Us....

Thanks for the greatt job you have done on our taxes! Don't know what I would have done without you given the mess we were in especially the past few years,
Have a great year!
Charlene Ryness
Well you have been amazing with us Taylor family and much appreciate it. I liked that you would take the time to find all loop holes , you allowed us time to understand everything and some. Wish you lived close but that just shows you how much we trust you with any information. 
Thank you for all the years you have put towards us.
Sincerely Sabrina Taylor
Just want to say thanks to you and all your staff, Richard, for the efficient and quick way you help Randy and I every year with our taxes. May you all be blessed for your services.
Marion and Randy.
Richard you have always done a fantastic job with our taxes, even before you moved away from our sleepy little norcal  town of Burney and made the big time. I can only hope that you continue to do them for another 25 or 30 years. Thank you for looking out for our money, 
Paul Barnes
Hello Richard,
We just want to thank you for another year of doing a great job on our taxes. We also want to thank you for getting back to us quickly when we call with a question if you aren’t available right away, your the best!
Sincerely ,
The Blunts
BZB Logging
Hi Richard and staff,
I want to thank all of you on how quickly and efficiently you get the job done!  Also, any questions I had, your office got back to me within 24 hours! 
I truly appreciate all your hard work, customer service and your informative newsletters.  I do read them!!
Keep up the great work, 
Jo Ann Russell
We would like to express our thanks for all you do for us. We fell relaxed and confident working with and know that you care about your clients. I would like thank you for your patience.
Teresa & Bob Stone

To the USA tax team,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, for the service you provide to our Family.  I was preparing and filing my own taxes for roughly 30 years going through the same painstaking process of sitting down and pulling everything together.  For the past 3 years, you have taken over that work for me and my Family and it has saved us a lot of time and money.  We quickly found that your expertise more than paid for the small fee that you charge for everyone in our Family.  You have literally found thousands of dollars more than we would have even with having the all the information available to us.  Sometimes as is with many things, it’s the one small thing that you miss that can add up to something really big.  In our case, you found that small thing.  So, THANK YOU very much and please don’t hesitate to use this as my testimony.

Roger Young    Client since 2011

Hello Richard,
I would like to tell you and your your wife that our experience this year was fabulous!  Even though you moved and are far away, mailing my information to you and getting my return back was done in such a timely manner that I smiled when I got it back!  Not only did I not owe a dime nor did I get a refund back I was very pleased with how smoothly it went.
So Thank you!!
Take care and we will talk again next year!
Kristen and Gregory Beck


Thank you so much for again preparing my taxes again this year. You and your staff/co-workers are so pleasant and patient with me and some of my silly questions. I can’t imagine that any other tax preparers would not mind my forms having coffee and dog footprints all over them.

You continue to surprise me with your timely preparation of my taxes. I will certainly never go back to Turbo or H&R Block or anyone else for that matter. I’m so very happy that Crystal Hatch referred me to you last year. I cannot ask for a more professional and pleasant group of people to assist me in preparing my taxes.

Sincerely, and with great thanks,

Karen L. Taylor